What Tiny's World Character Are You

If you aren't working, you most likely are....

Spending your time with your significant other.
Developing a new invention
Avoiding round yellow things
Avoiding the other people in your house, or at least trying to get something from them
Arguing with yourself

Going on adventures



My work never ends


Which of the following best describes your best friend

Stupid and curious
My pet
I am my own best friend and I hate myself
What friends?
My opposite

Very Kind



My minions

Evil is mostly..:

I really don't care.
A stupid bad thing.
the main thing I must erradicate.
the reason for that bad stuff
I'm not sure...let me ask myself.
A much worse career choice than I thought

You would best describe work as:

A necessary evil
An escape from pain
Yeah...I don't do that if possible
Difficult because it's hard for me to talk myself into one way of doing it
That thing that plagues my life with anger and frustration


Good, because Sloth is bad

simply tiring


"If I were to meet Bill Gates....

I would smile and say "hello".
I would show him the flaws in his latest Windows release
I would feel intemidated
I'd try to talk him into giving me stuff for free.
He would look at me, scream, and run away

I would stare at him blankly
I would beat him up and take over his corporate empire.

I would eye him suspiciously...because I know he's a demon


Which best describes you?

A smartass loner
Unsure of myself.
Frustrated with myself
Naive and innocent
Better than everyone else

and happy

Evil and annoyed


Which are you:


Again, which are you?:

A cat lover.
A dog lover.
A bird lover.
A people lover.
A people loather.

Find a way to time yourself before you read further......the square root of 81

It took you how long to answer that question?

less than 1 second
2-5 seconds
20 or more seconds.
I still haven't figured it out.


If you clicked "I still haven't figured it out" was it:

out of stupidity
out of laziness
because other voices were distracting or arguing with me.

(Coding tricks stolen from the Rubber Duck Quiz stolen from the Resolutions Quiz stolen from the Beatle Quiz, stolen from somebody else, probably stolen from somebody else.)