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Tiny's World Gallery - Tiny's World related art from the comic's artist

Winter Scape(2003) - Wanted to play around with a winter idea. (Features Tiny)
Playful Sleeping - I did this as a gift to a friend of mine
Bird Thing Walking - Animated Gif of Bird Thing walking for a "MUGEN" character.
Bird Thing Flip-Off - Animated Gif of Bird Thing taunting for a "MUGEN" character.

New Group Shot (2002)
- A newer drawing of the entire cast.
Joe and Jim Jim (2002) - Early character design for Joe and Jim Jim. Has a younger feel.
The Freak is Born - My first drawing of Freak. Done in the late 90's
CG Tiny and Kamikaze - First 3D designs of Tiny and Kamikaze (later ported to UnrealT)

Older Group Shot(1999)- Didn't quite have the character designs down yet.
Zombies Attack - This was my final project in 2D design. I was just getting used CG shading.
Pushing Santa - This is the raw Calander+Art shot that I worked with for "His Jolly Fat Arse"
Don't Tempt Me - Kamikaze threatens you. It always seems weird making an idiot a bad ass.
Kamikaze Painting - This is yet another thing I did for my 2D design class.
Expiration Date - Art based on the comic's first story line. The story is no longer available.
Old Group Shot(1997) - This is a cleaned up version of the filler art posted earlier. I believe I did this in the 8th grade. This shows many original character designs of the time. Gorg was my most drawn character back then.

Cody's Fan Art - Fan-art for other things done by the comic's artist

Spike - Still one of my fav. piece of my fan art. First non-chibi picture I shaded in the computer
Sae - Sae from Magic Users Club.
Tron Bonne - My fav. piece of my fan art period. I did this for Animerica a while back.
WolfWood - Nicholas D Wolfwood sketch done in the late 90's.
Chibi Vash and Wolfwood - First ever chibi drawing that I did. Same as the filler but without the distracting text.
Chibi Vash and Wolfwood2 - Second ever chibi drawing I've done. Features Vash, Wolfwood, and an original character of mine.
Chibi Spike and Jet - The Third chibi image I did. A less dynamic and much more artifacted version of this is in the comic line up as filler art.

Kalidy - The above image run through a PSP7 filter.
Shampoo - Shampoo from Ranma 1/2. Also done in the late 90's
Princess Toadstool - Saw a picture in an old Mario comic I felt like drawing.
Happosai - The little perv from Ranma 1/2.
Fred Flintstone - Fred all depressed and shtuff.
Shaggy - Did this while bored at work in 2002.

Scooby Doo - Pretty much the same situation as the above.

Tiny's World Fan Art - Any and all fan-art that is sent in to Tiny's World will be here

Azure - Winter 2002 Holiday fan-art