The Stars

Tiny - Star of the comic, Normal Guy Bird Thing - Resident Asshole.  Tiny's Best Friend. Video Store Clerk.  Bully to Gorg. Anabelle - Sweetheart.  Tiny's live-in girlfriend Playful - Tiny's lazy smartass cat. Kamikaze - idiot with a knack for adventure Fred - Genius!  Responsible for Joe and Jim Jim's fusion. Kamikaze's best friend and room-mate Gorg - The kind-hearted punching bag. He's always picked on. Joe and Jim Jim - one idiot andone normal guy fused together.

Freak - (Villain) The leader of the demon trio.  His evil is pure, but his love of teddy bears could be his downfall. Fuzz - (Villain) Freak's right hand demon.  He, like most people, hates his job.  He just wants to relax, but his lot in life just won't allow it. Oc - (Villain) A cute little member of the demon trio.  Does what he's told, and communicates through vibrations.


Demon - Not really evil, just a mischevious lil' prankster who gets his kicks tormenting the angel. Angel - The pious defender of the land.  He's constantly being pumbled by the Demon, but retains a belief that he can bring the demon to the light side.

Supporting Cast

John - Bird Thing's boss, and owner of the video store.  Only keeps Bird Thing around because he lost a bet a long time ago. Junior - Rarely seen - Tiny's Nephew that shows up to stay with him every now and again.  Cute little kid. Bruno the Dog - Gorg's dog.  They do say that pets tend to end up looking like their owners.  In this case, it's uncanny.

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